Do you have Pinterest?

If you answered yes, then you’re a step ahead to claiming some awesome workouts! If you follow many people on Pinterest, odds are you know that there are a ton of workouts to do. I love using Pinterest for workout ideas!

I got engaged in December of 2014 and had 8 months to look like I wanted to on my wedding day. To pinpoint certain areas, I used the “30 day ab challenge” and “10 day leg challenge” and others to help me fit into the dress, and look good in the dress!


Do you have any favorite Pinterest workouts? What I love are the range from super easy to super hard, so there’s something out there for everyone! You can even work your way up through the different workouts. And once you finish that last workout, you feel awesome!

Keep up the good work! Tell me what pins you love!



Does this mean I can’t buy the cute pair?


I adore running shoes. They are fun colors, super comfortable, you can customize them, and you can even get laces that are bright or patterned! It makes my day when I get the perfect running outfit together that matches my running shoes perfectly.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but truth be told…you can’t always get the cute pair. (There! I said it! Please don’t tar and feather me until you hear me out!)

If you are running just for fun and not doing much of it, then I say go for the cute comfortable pair. However, if you’re like me and you’re training for a half-marathon in the winter, you’re going to need some top of the lines, good support, water-proof, fitted with good traction kind of shoes. And those aren’t always pretty.

If you are training for a marathon, half-marathon, or you just like running a lot, I would suggest going to a specialty shoe store where they will get you fitted with the right brand of shoe. That’s what I did. They watched me as I walked to see if I needed extra support, they asked what conditions I would be running in, and then they helped me fit them just right, even showing me the different ways to tie my laces. And in the end I got the best pair for me (and just between us, they are purple and bright green! Super cute!)

So if you are looking for a good pair of shoes just to keep yourself in shape, I say go for it girl! Rock those bright pink and orange Nikes! And for those of us who need a more substantial shoe for training, go to the experts for help and fear not: cuteness can come in the higher quality shoes too 🙂


Show of Hands! Who’s freaked out by the gym?

But really, who’s freaked out by it?

Come on. You know you’ve felt this way before. It can’t only be me who’s iffy about the concept of going to a gym.

I always hated going to public gyms. Just walking past a gym’s picture window, it seemed there was always a line of toned, tanned beauties on some sort of machinery, charging through their workout, knowing exactly what they were doing.

I mean, how could I go in there?! People would be judging me, and I knew I’d embarrass myself by getting to a workout station and finding myself struck dumb over what to do. Sure, some instructions can be found on certain equipment and throughout the gym floor, but the cool, buff people don’t need to stop and read instructions.

Really, overall, I was just uncomfortable at the thought of sweating alongside strangers. All of whom I assumed would be in far better shape than me. But, I live in Minnesota and sometimes all you’ve got in your exercise arsenal is finding a machine in a place that provides a roof over your head and heat, so you don’t potentially die of hypothermia.

What did I do to solve this conundrum? I approached a gym and their staff. The staff was only too happy to give me a tour of the facilities, but also the machines and stations. For my first workout, someone came around with me to make sure I was comfortable, then they left me to get along on my own.

My gym experience was so much nicer because of that. And in having a tour, before I made any sort of commitment to the gym even, I saw that it wasn’t this scary, judgmental place (it wasn’t high school). Instead it was just a place that helps facilitate your strive towards a healthier and fitter life. Plus, everyone else is absorbed in their own workout anyways—there’s no time to truly notice little old you.

So, don’t let the gym get you down. Ask someone for help, they’ll most likely be more than willing to help.



Do you have Apps?

Haha, I know, lame attempt at a joke because it sounds like “abs.” But seriously, apps can SAVE a person from the exercise doldrums. In the winter especially, when it’s below 0 degrees, I won’t go running outside and I NEED something to keep me going!

My suggestion is the 7 Minute Workout (there are a few listed, but I’m referring to the one by Perigee). There are a ton of workout apps, and I’m not suggesting that it’s my way or the highway with working out, but this is one app that I stumbled upon just recently, so I’m still learning the many facets of it and I love it!

This app gives you workouts to do, and can you guess how long they are? Yep, 7 minutes. The cool thing is that though they are short, (which is pretty cool) they still work on the full body in that short amount of time with 30 second segments of workouts!

You can use these as your workouts when the weather’s bad, when you’re just running short on time, or this could go along with your daily exercise routine. The app has a special “reward” if you do the 7 minute workout for two months, daily with a limited amount of skips. The reward is that you can “unlock” new workouts that focus more on specific areas, such as legs, arms, torso, etc. This is a good motivator not to miss the workout on days when you’re feeling lazy.

I haven’t used it daily, because I prefer outside workouts as well as this one, but this app is awesome for the 1-3 days a week when it’s too cold to workout outside.

There are so many other apps that help with exercise! If you have any that you like, tell us what they are and why in the comments! I would love to try them out and let others know!


Walk, jog, run, jump, lift—is flying an option?

Oh my goodness! It took me so long to get out there and exercising regularly. I would drag myself on runs, force myself onto trails deep in the woods—not until I found my workout did anything actually start to happen.

Before, exercise was a painful chore. Finally I realized I love long powerwalks in urban settings, dancing around to power anthems, and jogging on the treadmill. Sit-ups, push-ups, leg lifts, and lifting dumbbells get me exited with challenging myself to up the number of reps I can do.

But running makes me want to die. Ballet-bar is aggressive and wonderful, but tiring. Pilates kind of freaks me out.

Not every workout is for every person. There’s so many options when it comes to getting out there. There’s yoga, cycling, running, parkour, cross-fit, water aerobics—seriously, there are way more options than I ever thought to consider, and probably more I’ve never even heard of.

The important thing is brushing yourself off and trying things out. You can get inspiration from fitness magazines, fitness videos, and online help guides (like this one here).

Three helpful tips I can give you are:

  1. Switch up your routines. Make different days for your cardio, legs, walks, swimming, etc. It’ll help keep things from getting stale.
  2. Find a community, friend, or group you can join to keep you accountable. It can be more fun and helpful to have someone sharing in your experience.
  3. Try beginner’s classes once in a while. You can look at your local gym, studio, or find a freelancing personal trainer.

Exercise should be a fulfilling experience, one that doesn’t make you hate every, single moment of it and are just praying for the minutes to run out. If one form of exercise is painful for you, try something else. Never beat yourself up, just keep on trying and making the effort.

I’m sure your exercise is out there, you just need to find it!


Things to know about running in the winter

Running in the winter. Who in the world would consider doing that?! Well…I would! And maybe some of you like to get fresh air even when it’s only 20 degrees outside.

This is a great thing to do, but you have to be careful. Running in the cold can be dangerous if you don’t have the right clothes on and don’t follow some practical advice.

First off, check the temperature outside. This seems simple, but I have been  running before thinking I would be plenty warm, but in reality I never even checked the temp on my phone: I just looked outside. Always check the temperature before running so that you can make sure you are wearing the right attire.

Along with this, don’t just dive right in to a 10k in the winter. It will take your lungs time to get used to running in the new temperature so take it slow and work up until you can run your normal speed and distance without any problems.

Third, make sure that you have the right amount of clothes on. I don’t know the specific items that you should have at what temperature, but I do know this: layers. Always have layers. That way if it is cold, you are fine! But if you start to feel a little warm later (maybe the day starts to warm up) you can always take off a jacket and tie it around your waist.

Fourth, don’t forget the little things. Gloves are a key item, and keep them on even if they start to feel warm. Sweaty hands against cold wind is no fun, so keep your gloves on. Make sure your ears are covered too; I always forgot this important piece of gear until I almost froze my ears one day…never will I forget a good sports headband again.

And last but not least, make sure that your shoes are of good quality. They should have good traction to fight against the ice and snow, they should be warm to help with the cold, and they should be water proof or water resistant (cold, wet feet during a run can really be a pain…and painful!).

Well, those are my tips 🙂 Did I miss anything? Anything you liked or anything you would add? Comment below!


Introducing Me!


Hi everyone! My name is Christa, and I’m writing along with our other writers to talk about working out in our busy lives, and how to find the motivation when it’s so hard! Together we can share ideas, keep each other accountable, and catch up on the latest workout thoughts.

First, I’ll talk about the quote in the picture. I love this quote because it’s from one of my all-time favorite movies, A Cinderella Story, and it seemed fitting.

Now I’ll talk about myself! I would say I grew up rather sedentary. My sister actually called me “the sedentary one.” Although it’s funny now, it was true. I never did an active thing. I wasn’t lazy; I worked, did school work, read, did chores, and whatever you do when you’re a kid, but I was never involved in sports or anything active.

And I’m so mad at myself for doing that! Late in my highschool years I thought, “I should have tried, because if I had, then maybe I would enjoy being active now!” But I hated working out of any kind.

Well, it all changed when I met Jason.

Ok, that’s very romanticized, but it is true that when I met my boyfriend, now husband, Jason, he asked me to run in a race with him the following year. Knowing I had so much time to train, and because I wanted to impress him, I said yes!

That decision really got me active. Since then I’ve been more involved with eating healthy and staying active besides just running.

Tell me what brought you to the place you are now. Do you like being active and fit? How did you begin to like it? Who inspired you, or who have you inspired? I’d love to hear your thoughts!




Hey! So, does this mean I need a new treadmill?

Hey all! My name is Sarah and I’m so pumped that we get to hangout with you all. Fitness can be a hard thing to commit to: you may not have all the fancy equipment that you see on other sites, you may be totally unmotivated, you may not even know of any good workouts that you would actually do.

That was/is me. I’m a college student in a small little dorm room so I don’t have all the equipment; I find Netflix a lot easier to go to than the gym; and I don’t always know of the best workouts. But that’s why we are here! To learn and grow together.

A little more about me: I’m a wannabe runner (training for a half-marathon!), I write for fun and will some day write professionally, Sherlock and Pride and Prejudice are life, I’m a coffee and tea addict that isn’t looking to change, chocolate is good but is better with coffee, I hate Minnesota’s cold weather, Minnesota summers by the pool with an iced-tea in hand and fall with bonfires and over-sized sweaters are why I stay, I adore animals (I wanted to be a veterinarian until my junior year in high school where I switched to writing…cause that’s similar…), and I’m a sucker for a good chic-flick.

This blog is going to be a mix of things. We are all different, so why would our blog just fit one type of person? Check in daily for a new post that will make you feel inspired, motivated, encouraged, and good about the body you are in right now, while pushing you to challenge yourself and change for the better.

We’re a community here so what are your thoughts and concerns? Are you worried at all? Excited? Confused? Eager? Let us know!! Comment below and we will try and walk alongside you!

Can’t wait to run this race with you all 🙂

– Sarah


Welcome! Hello! How are you? Please don’t leave.

Hey! Thanks for stumbling across this blog of ours. The Fit Life 2016, is a blog comprised of three writers: Kortnee, Sarah, and Christa. In these posts, we’ll be discussing all sorts of angles that come with tackling exercise. We’re three ordinary women who just want to live the best life we can, and living a fit life is a big part of that.

Since we’re strangers to you, the first three posts on here will be an introduction to each of us.

I’m Kortnee, and I’m up first. Prepare to be amazed! (Well, not really. But at least you’ll see where I’m coming from.)

Exercise is one of those necessary evils that comes with two groups of people. In the first group, people enjoy the process of working out, enjoy the feeling of their muscles straining to be better, move faster, become stronger. The second group, well, getting their shoes laced-up and started on any workout is a challenge in and of itself.

I personally fall into the latter group. I think of me and exercise like Ross and Rachael from Friends—we need each other, want each other, but largely are in an on-again, off-again relationship. For instance, when I cheat on it with something like too much pizza or chocolate, or leave space between us for too long, and the next workout session is kicking my butt, I make sure the treadmill knows “We were on a break!” I just hope we end up together in the end.

I’ve been having to find ways to get myself excited about exercise, but I’ve also had to recalibrate my thinking when it comes to health and fitness. For too long, I looked at exercise as a way to become a skinny rail, a desirable woman to the male race, and an all-around enviable specimen. Needless to say, that didn’t pan out the way I would’ve preferred. But now, I realize fitness is a means to getting healthy and living a good life. You need to like yourself and be comfortable where you are, but are still striving towards something that’s good for you. Even if it makes you ache in muscles you didn’t know you had.

Thanks for reading this post! Please comment below, maybe about which group you fall into.