Welcome! Hello! How are you? Please don’t leave.

Hey! Thanks for stumbling across this blog of ours. The Fit Life 2016, is a blog comprised of three writers: Kortnee, Sarah, and Christa. In these posts, we’ll be discussing all sorts of angles that come with tackling exercise. We’re three ordinary women who just want to live the best life we can, and living a fit life is a big part of that.

Since we’re strangers to you, the first three posts on here will be an introduction to each of us.

I’m Kortnee, and I’m up first. Prepare to be amazed! (Well, not really. But at least you’ll see where I’m coming from.)

Exercise is one of those necessary evils that comes with two groups of people. In the first group, people enjoy the process of working out, enjoy the feeling of their muscles straining to be better, move faster, become stronger. The second group, well, getting their shoes laced-up and started on any workout is a challenge in and of itself.

I personally fall into the latter group. I think of me and exercise like Ross and Rachael from Friends—we need each other, want each other, but largely are in an on-again, off-again relationship. For instance, when I cheat on it with something like too much pizza or chocolate, or leave space between us for too long, and the next workout session is kicking my butt, I make sure the treadmill knows “We were on a break!” I just hope we end up together in the end.

I’ve been having to find ways to get myself excited about exercise, but I’ve also had to recalibrate my thinking when it comes to health and fitness. For too long, I looked at exercise as a way to become a skinny rail, a desirable woman to the male race, and an all-around enviable specimen. Needless to say, that didn’t pan out the way I would’ve preferred. But now, I realize fitness is a means to getting healthy and living a good life. You need to like yourself and be comfortable where you are, but are still striving towards something that’s good for you. Even if it makes you ache in muscles you didn’t know you had.

Thanks for reading this post! Please comment below, maybe about which group you fall into.


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