Hey! So, does this mean I need a new treadmill?

Hey all! My name is Sarah and I’m so pumped that we get to hangout with you all. Fitness can be a hard thing to commit to: you may not have all the fancy equipment that you see on other sites, you may be totally unmotivated, you may not even know of any good workouts that you would actually do.

That was/is me. I’m a college student in a small little dorm room so I don’t have all the equipment; I find Netflix a lot easier to go to than the gym; and I don’t always know of the best workouts. But that’s why we are here! To learn and grow together.

A little more about me: I’m a wannabe runner (training for a half-marathon!), I write for fun and will some day write professionally, Sherlock and Pride and Prejudice are life, I’m a coffee and tea addict that isn’t looking to change, chocolate is good but is better with coffee, I hate Minnesota’s cold weather, Minnesota summers by the pool with an iced-tea in hand and fall with bonfires and over-sized sweaters are why I stay, I adore animals (I wanted to be a veterinarian until my junior year in high school where I switched to writing…cause that’s similar…), and I’m a sucker for a good chic-flick.

This blog is going to be a mix of things. We are all different, so why would our blog just fit one type of person? Check in daily for a new post that will make you feel inspired, motivated, encouraged, and good about the body you are in right now, while pushing you to challenge yourself and change for the better.

We’re a community here so what are your thoughts and concerns? Are you worried at all? Excited? Confused? Eager? Let us know!! Comment below and we will try and walk alongside you!

Can’t wait to run this race with you all 🙂

– Sarah



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