Do you have Apps?

Haha, I know, lame attempt at a joke because it sounds like “abs.” But seriously, apps can SAVE a person from the exercise doldrums. In the winter especially, when it’s below 0 degrees, I won’t go running outside and I NEED something to keep me going!

My suggestion is the 7 Minute Workout (there are a few listed, but I’m referring to the one by Perigee). There are a ton of workout apps, and I’m not suggesting that it’s my way or the highway with working out, but this is one app that I stumbled upon just recently, so I’m still learning the many facets of it and I love it!

This app gives you workouts to do, and can you guess how long they are? Yep, 7 minutes. The cool thing is that though they are short, (which is pretty cool) they still work on the full body in that short amount of time with 30 second segments of workouts!

You can use these as your workouts when the weather’s bad, when you’re just running short on time, or this could go along with your daily exercise routine. The app has a special “reward” if you do the 7 minute workout for two months, daily with a limited amount of skips. The reward is that you can “unlock” new workouts that focus more on specific areas, such as legs, arms, torso, etc. This is a good motivator not to miss the workout on days when you’re feeling lazy.

I haven’t used it daily, because I prefer outside workouts as well as this one, but this app is awesome for the 1-3 days a week when it’s too cold to workout outside.

There are so many other apps that help with exercise! If you have any that you like, tell us what they are and why in the comments! I would love to try them out and let others know!



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