Show of Hands! Who’s freaked out by the gym?

But really, who’s freaked out by it?

Come on. You know you’ve felt this way before. It can’t only be me who’s iffy about the concept of going to a gym.

I always hated going to public gyms. Just walking past a gym’s picture window, it seemed there was always a line of toned, tanned beauties on some sort of machinery, charging through their workout, knowing exactly what they were doing.

I mean, how could I go in there?! People would be judging me, and I knew I’d embarrass myself by getting to a workout station and finding myself struck dumb over what to do. Sure, some instructions can be found on certain equipment and throughout the gym floor, but the cool, buff people don’t need to stop and read instructions.

Really, overall, I was just uncomfortable at the thought of sweating alongside strangers. All of whom I assumed would be in far better shape than me. But, I live in Minnesota and sometimes all you’ve got in your exercise arsenal is finding a machine in a place that provides a roof over your head and heat, so you don’t potentially die of hypothermia.

What did I do to solve this conundrum? I approached a gym and their staff. The staff was only too happy to give me a tour of the facilities, but also the machines and stations. For my first workout, someone came around with me to make sure I was comfortable, then they left me to get along on my own.

My gym experience was so much nicer because of that. And in having a tour, before I made any sort of commitment to the gym even, I saw that it wasn’t this scary, judgmental place (it wasn’t high school). Instead it was just a place that helps facilitate your strive towards a healthier and fitter life. Plus, everyone else is absorbed in their own workout anyways—there’s no time to truly notice little old you.

So, don’t let the gym get you down. Ask someone for help, they’ll most likely be more than willing to help.




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