Okay, why’s it so difficult to find time to exercise? I can find time to watch TV, go out, and eat way too much frozen yogurt, but somehow squeezing in time to do something good for me is too much work.

Being a college student takes up a lot of my brain space. Then there’s always laundry, cleaning my apartment, doing dishes, and much more (plus the fun stuff listed above) to trudge through in order to get to sleep a decent number of hours at the end of the day. (Recharging is necessary to maintain health, by the by.)

But still, I had to find a way to fit exercise in during a full week, and I think I found an inspired solution.

Solo dance party!

I stay home, pop in an episode of Glee, and whenever those crazy kids burst into song, I don’t let myself stop moving. I dance, do crunches, lift dumbbells, do leg lifts—anything to keep my booty humming. Then, when the acting starts up again I let myself rest, and for slower songs I let myself go a little slower, basically just matching the tone of what’s happening when it’s happening in the episode.

It’s such a fun way to get your heart beating. And if you don’t like Glee, you can easily find something else like this to fit into your schedule. Like when watching football, don’t stop moving during adds and rest when the games on. Or when watching High School Musical, pretend you’re Gabriella and Troy’s singing to you, and release your inner Wildcat! Cater to your multimedia preferences. Though for Glee, the episodes “Michael” and “Spanish Teacher” are great, with a wonderful mix of songs and speeds.

So, get your solo dance party on!

Once in a while, it’s just what has to be done. 😉

What are some ways you fit exercise into your schedule? Could you see yourself doing this? Comment below and let me know!


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