Participation: Be A Part

Beyond your individual workouts, there is a community of other fitness people like you! Participating in exercise is seriously awesome.

When I first started running, I was training for something. A half marathon. Looking back I wish I had just started with a 5K or maybe a 10K, but this 13.1 mile race was amazing.

Being part of a community of runners is super encouraging, and as I ran in the Hospital Hill Half Marathon in Kansas City with 9,000 other people we all had the same focus: finish the race, and conquer the hill. The race in KC ends with a huge hill, and the finishing T-shirts read: “I conquered the hill.”

My first race was eye opening, I had no idea how many people ran. There was such variety in the types of people who ran; there were the fast ones who had a 6:30 pace every mile, and then there were the people with a 13:00 pace. But together we celebrated at the finish line, got our snacks, and shared in the joy of the finish.

There are so many ways of participation besides just races. If running isn’t your thing, there are tons of 5K walks, usually for a great cause as well. Other sports are offered in your city, just look it up! You can join volleyball leagues, softball, basketball, and probably even tennis. I know of many who love to get out and play once a week just to grow skill in these areas and stay fit.

The community is a huge help. In races, the people running beside you are an encouragement just because they’re working as hard as you are. In sports teams you get to work together and find a good rhythm as a team. If you like yoga or zumba, many fitness centers have weekly classes, sometimes they’re even included with the membership.

So join in with others. Participate!




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