Grease Live! was one of the biggest stories in the news this past week! It aired on Fox and if other college campuses were like mine, every TV was tuned in Sunday night. If you watched it you were either awed by it or didn’t like it at all. I don’t think there was an in-between opinion.

Whether or not you loved it I think that no one could disagree on the fact that with every song that was sung you couldn’t help but tap your foot along. It made me wish that I was as good a dancer as any of them in the cast. Unfortunately…I’m not…

Dance is one of the best forms of exercise, and lucky for me (and anyone like me who can’t dance to save their life) there are amazing tutorials that can help you learn the dances in shows such as Grease, Hairspray, or Footloose. My favorite is the line dance from Footloose and it was such a joy to learn. And it was a workout to say the least!

Here are two good tutorials to help you get started. The first is just the steps:


And this second is with the song playing along with the steps:


Good luck and have fun “cutting loose!”



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