How the Super Bowl Could Ruin You


This Sunday is the big game. Whether your favorite team is playing or not, most everyone is at a party, with family, or hanging out at a pub to watch the game.

And we all know what comes along with the football and intriguing commercials. The food. So. much. food. And it seems impossible to stay away.

I suggest that you don’t completely boycott the food and drinks, but there are two guidelines for the Super Bowl weekend. 1) Prepare and 2)Guard yourself.

1.  Prepare – Gear up for all the eats by working out a little longer, a little harder the rest of this week and even on Sunday, try to walk around a little more, get your body moving before the game. That way you can stack up some extra cals for the big game!

2. Guard yourself – Don’t overeat. This is so easy! When there’s cheesy nacho dip, buffalo wings, pizza, candy, and pop of all kinds, it can be hard to say no. Just be aware of all that you are eating. If you’re one of those people (as I am) who grabs whatever is in front of you, try to move the Doritos farther from you if it’s a temptation. Know your limits.

Don’t gorge yourself in food, but don’t feel guilty for eating a little more than usual. This game only rolls around once a year, right?

You can defeat this weekend as like the Broncos will defeat the Panthers! Totally joking, I don’t really like either team, I had to look up who was even playing.




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