Stay Accountable!


You can totally do this! Think of the times when you’ve been really lazy. We all have those moments, those days, those weeks, sometimes even those months. And we tend not to tell anyone when we’re struggling with working out!

So stay accountable! Sure, it’s embarrassing to admit to a fitness coach, or workout trainer that you haven’t hit the gym in a week or two. But don’t tell them! Tell someone who cares about all of you, not just your fitness! Have a friend be the one who helps keep you accountable for working out.

I have it pretty easy, I’m married, so my husband knows that I’m not working out when he goes for a run and I decided to sleep in. But if you’re rooming with someone else who works out, have them keep up with you. Odds are, they’ll love for you to do the same.

Their encouragement can help get you out of the ditch you may be in. Together, we can really help each other.

A plus to this kind of accountability is that this will help create a true friendship for people who really want to help each other. Make deeper friends by letting them know when you’re doing great in your fitness and when you’re not doing so great.

So go find your “accountability partner.” You won’t regret it.



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