I gave in to the trend: FitBit

I say that I gave in, but I think that I got a FitBit before it was super well-known. Either way, I love it. No, it doesn’t make me healthier just for wearing it, and no, the band doesn’t always add to my outfit, but overall, it has been a joy.

FitBit, if you are unaware, tracks your steps, burned calories, distance traveled, active minutes, and can track your food intake and sleep patterns. Depending on which band you have it can also track your heart rate, location, and more.

I have the FitBit Flex. This is the most simple one, from what I can tell, and also the smallest one. It can be a super useful tool for my fitness goals. The goal for steps is 10,000. If I sit around all day and only walk when I need to, I have about 3,000. So that’s a lot of steps to make up! FitBit gives this 10,000 step goal as a recommendation for a healthy lifestyle.

If you need some reminders to get moving, this is a great app/band! I check my app almost as much as I check Instagram because I want to know how well I’ve done on my goals!

So if you were on the fence, definitely get one! There are deals very often with FitBit. They’re sold in a lot of places, I got mine at Kohls on sale. I think it’s worth the investment. Know how much you’re much you’re active!



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