Treat Yo Self!!

#TreatYoSelf! Parks and Rec?! Anyone, anyone? Never mind…

The reason I say treat yourself is because sometimes we need a little encouragement in our fitness lives. We can get discouraged if we don’t see results right away, if we don’t run as fast as we thought we could, or if we aren’t getting in all the workouts we wanted. So that’s what this post is about: encouragement.

There are a few ways that I encourage myself when I get down about something. First off, I need to learn to give myself some slack. We are our hardest critiques so sometimes we need to know that it’s ok not to always meet every goal that we set. As long as we are striving and keep moving forward, that’s what matters.

Second, treat yourself! When you do reach a goal, big or small, reward yourself. Sometimes working for an actual treat (instead of just getting bigger muscles or getting skinnier) is what we need. And once we get that treat we feel encouraged because we accomplished something. (Side note: also realize that the main goal of working out and exercising isn’t to get skinny, but to be a healthier version of you!)

Third, realize that when you start working out and getting more fit you will feel better, not be as tired during the day, and look healthier too! Those are some of the most encouraging thing to happen to me when I started to workout a lot.

So, don’t be discouraged; keep going and don’t quit!

Encourage yourself, be your biggest advocate. #TreatYoSelf! And know that your body is encouraging and thanking you too.



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