Good foods to finish off your workout

I had to look up some of these foods, so I hope you appreciate this post. 🙂

I am so excited for this post! Foods are really important parts of our workouts and I want to add food as support to my workouts.

milkAfter a run, chocolate milk is a good option. After some water, top off your thirst with some chocolate milk. According to chocolate milk is full of carbs and proteins that are good post-workout.

Or, try working out right before lunch or dinner. After you complete your workout, grilled chicken is a great source of protein, and tasty! Omelettes are another good meal to have right after a workout. More foods: Sweet potatoes (for the carbs) and salmon (for the protein and joint support).


According to BuzzFeed, eggs (which may be obvious because of the mentioned omelette above) are a good option, giving protein and vitamin D. This is great for those who love morning workouts and can end with a healthy, tasty breakfast. Add to that breakfast some OJ, a good source of Vitamin C and lots of potassium.

Both of the places I visited to find this info said that chocolate milk and orange juice are better for you post-workout than Gatorade and other sports drinks, probably because they have so much less sugar!

I hope this helps and motivates you to eat well after workouts! Let me know what foods you love after workouts, or what foods you avoid! Happy eating and fitnessing!



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