4 Weekend indulgences that won’t ruin your workouts

This title must look pretty enticing. YOU CAN INDULGE and not ruin your weekend workouts! Here are four weekend indulgences that you don’t have to feel guilty for!frozen

  1. Sleep in- The weekend is great for sleeping in. After a busy week this is a great opportunity to catch up on sleep, which is healthy! Also, the more sleep you get, the less energy you need from food which means less hunger pangs. Indulge and sleep in!
  2. Have a specialty coffee- sure there may be more calories in a specialty coffee than a normal cup, but it’s the weekend. Go ahead and indulge. Just try a small size, do you really need a large, and do you really need the 100 calories of whipped cream on the top? Ask for yours without! The caffeine you get from the coffee may give you the added energy to get out and workout! Good motivation I think!dessert.jpg
  3. Have dessert- Yeah we’re usually trying to avoid the sweets, but it’s the weekend. You can have some. But try limiting yourself to one serving, and try not to eat super late into the night when you’re about to go to bed. Your body processes food better when you’re awake!
  4. Lastly, try some new recipes! Instead of donuts make something tasty but not as detrimental to your healthy eating habits. Here are links to a few awesome recipes on Pinterest!

          Bacon in the Oven

          Egg Bake

Now some recipes I haven’t tried, but look promising!

           21 Healthy Breakfast Foods

           34 Healthy Breakfasts for Busy People

So indulge this weekend without ruining your workout routine! Have a good one!



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