Exercise That Belly!


On my fitness journey, I’m always looking for great tips to help me in my exercise. Plus, doing the same thing every, single time during workouts gets dull and seems to become ineffective because it isn’t motivating anymore.

So, I took to the internet and found an interesting article on Huffington Post Canada’s website (I’ll link it below), that gives 5 simple exercises for achieving a flatter stomach. There’s even a lovely video with fitness expert Natalie Jill demonstrating the moves. It’s so nice and accessible. There’s no extra equipment to buy in order to do them, and the exercises are beginner level which is always good for trying out new moves.

But the article makes it clear that doing these exercises isn’t just to be about becoming aesthetically pleasing, it’s about being healthy. The article says, “For years, doctors have warned against expanding waistlines, noting that excess stomach fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.”

It should be our goal overall, to strive to be healthy and live a fit life. It’s not about instant results and being “runway acceptable.” It’s a good reminder. Love yourself and keep trying.

Comment below and see if the article inspires you!

Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/02/16/stomach-exercises_n_9243664.html?utm_hp_ref=health-fitness&ir=Health+and+Fitness



2 thoughts on “Exercise That Belly!

    • That’s true. It’s a struggle. And when we like what we see in the mirror, our confidence gets a boost. I guess I need to remember to balance things. Be confident that I’m striding towards health.
      Thanks for your comment! I appreciate you sharing!

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