Mars recalled 6 products; will you recall your chocolate cravings?

milky wayAccording to MSN, Mars candies from the UK recalled some of their Milky Way and Mars Bars because of plastic found in some of the candy due to a protective covering that broke and may have gotten into the candy (read this for more info).

I got to thinking. YUM! Snickers. Of course it doesn’t sound fun to catch some plastic in your mouth while eating chocolate, but this is kind of a fun story thinking of how the candy bars must be made. My mind immediately thought of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the huge river of chocolate.

Back on focus, have you ever given up anything for a period of time to better your health? Maybe it’s time to recall chocolate in your life for a while. Drastic changes sometimes create the best outcomes, because if you commit to them, they also make the biggest difference.

Consider giving up chocolate for a time! (Mars has already incentivized you to stay away from them. 🙂

What do you guys think? Is it doable? I think I’ll take the test. I won’t eat candy bars of any kind for a week or two and see how it goes. Keep me accountable!




2 thoughts on “Mars recalled 6 products; will you recall your chocolate cravings?

  1. Normally I would say never!!!

    But it just so happens that I found a really yummy alternative yesterday. Have you ever tried frozen greek yogurt?

    It doesn’t quite taste like ice cream or froyo, it has it’s own flavor and texture. But it’s actually very good. I got the chocolate flavor from Yasso, 80 calories and full of protein. 🙂


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