Be comfortably uncomfortable in your fitness.

Hiking woman on top happy and celebrating success

Deciding to lead a fit life is making a life change. You’re devoting yourself to doing something differently than you have been, making conscious choices that now align with your new goals and desires.

For me, this fitness road is constantly looping. One moment I’m high and making serious strides and loving my commitment to exercise, one moment I’m low and never want to look at the painful seat of a stationary bike again. I know I have to keep moving, but I also have to give my body recuperation days.

I also remember that people need to be comfortably uncomfortable.

You need to be comfortable with yourself, accepting where you are with your body and fitness journey. You also need to make sure you’re comfortable with your fitness level and ability. Don’t rush yourself, push too hard, or deprive yourself of things to the point of harmful obsession.

But don’t let yourself get too comfortable with that fitness level. Keep climbing and kicking things up at a healthy pace.

Let’s keep this journey going fellow fitness geeks! Tell me your journey in the comments below.




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