Discouragement in Fitness: an admission

I admit it. Sometimes I don’t workout for a week. Sometimes it’s more than a week. Sometimes I have way too much sugar and calories and carbs. Some days I don’t feel fit. Because I’m not acting like someone who is fit.

When this happens, it’s great to have that accountability like I’ve talked about in past posts, but what about when you’re so discouraged and unmotivated that their words don’t help? What do you do then?

I don’t have the magic answer. I’m guessing you didn’t assume I did. But I do want you to know we’ve all been there. Even the super fit personal trainers.

Find something to workout for. What is it that you want? Why do you workout? Maybe your health – maybe risk of high blood sugar or heart issues run in your family and you know that working out reduces those risks. Your mental health – maybe you get discouraged and depressed when you don’t workout, you don’t feel fulfilled. You feel lazy. Your looks – you want to look healthy and feel healthy. Your stewardship – God gave me this body and I should take care of it in a way that’s pleasing to him. I need to be a good steward of what he gave to me.

You can probably guess that the last one is my main motivation. But really all those reasons are. Though I don’t have a lot of medical problems that run in my family, working out does reduce some illnesses. I feel so much better mentally when I workout and eat healthy. I also want to look good. I don’t want to be disappointed and embarrassed when I see myself in a mirror.

Find your motivation. And start to chip away at the paint. Eventually you’ll shed the ugly coat and you’ll find a beautiful color underneath. Then create a habit. Remember why you’re doing it, and put on the final coat, refining and toning.

This is thefitlife’s last regular post. We have loved the community we have been able to tap into. Thanks for all the comments and support that have been thrown our way. And stay motivated to stay fit!



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